Non-isothermal crystallization kinetics of polypropylene short glass fibre multiwalled carbon nanotube composites RSC Advances RSC Publishing DOI:10 1039 C8RA07243D

At varying cooling rates for non isothermal crystallization PP, PPG, PPGC1, PPGC2, PPGC3, PPGC5. ’ value is higher for PPGC1 and PPGC2 composite in comparison with PP which further describes the faster crystallization rate of PPGC composites. The morphology of the composites was analyzed using JEOL JSM-6490LA scanning electron microscope .

Every year more than 10 lakh students appear for JEE mains to get into IITs and for the entrance examination for NITs and other engineering colleges. As the number of seats in IITs is scarce, a lot of meritorious students fail to get a seat in IITs. But, there are also many other great colleges in the country, beside IITs and NITs. Obtained for the different diffraction peaks were 9.9 nm, 12.1 nm, 8 nm, 5.6 nm and 1.5 nm corresponding to 14.2°, 16.9°, 18.6°, 21.6° and 25.8° respectively. Interestingly, the addition of 1 wt% of CNT in PPG micro composite significantly enhanced the intensity and sharpness of the peaks whereas the inclusion of 2 and 3 wt% of CNT reduced their intensity and broadened them. The appreciable increment in peak intensity of PPGC1 compared to other PPGC composites could be indicative of the growth of large crystallites. The sharpness of the peak intensity for PPGC1 suggests the large number of crystallites oriented in the atomic planes corresponding to 14.2°, 17°, 18.7°.

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The Schools are accredited with the highest rating of ‘A’ by NAAC, the National Accreditation and Assessment Council of India. They are approved by All India Council for Technical Education . The course curriculum is credit-based, and syllabus is industry- and research-oriented. Amrita School of Engineering , Coimbatore was established on October 27, 1994. It has the distinction of being Amrita’s first center for higher learning. Known then as the Amrita Institute of Technology and Science, it offered B.E. Programs to cater to the increasing needs of technical manpower in the country.

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The incorporation of MWCNTs in PPG composite has improved the strain% values at break which shows the semi ductile behavior of PPGC composites in comparison with PPG micro composite. This is due to the fact that the extremely flexible PP chains could wrap around CNTs and stretch to its maximum. The increase in elongation at break for PPGC composites is a testimony for this inference. 1 represents the uniform dispersion of glass fibres in PP matrix and Fig. 1 shows the fractured surface of tensile specimen which delineates the dispersion of glass fibres in the PP matrix.

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Students line up to enter an examination centre before taking the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test , one of the most competitive entrance exams… Teachers welcome students as they arrives to attend classes at a school in Chennai on September 1 after the state government relaxed the Covid-19… 71% of Amrita University employees would recommend working there to a friend based on Glassdoor reviews.

C of composites and this could be due to agglomeration of MWCNTs in the matrix at higher loading. Depending upon the predominant factor (hindered mobility of polymer chains vs. Stress strain plots of neat PP, PPC, PPG and PPGC composites. The stress strain plots of neat PP, PPC, PPG and PPGC composites are shown in Fig. The relative crystallinity of the PP phase was also estimated using the exothermic heat data obtained during the cooling scan. Melt mixing in twin screw extruder at the same temperature conditions from feed zone to die zone and set at the same screw speed as that for other composites. Curriculums are framed with extensive practical cum theoretical input, training students to be industry ready while graduating.