Data Management for Manufacturing Business

Manufacturers are under pressure to increase productivity, profitability and innovation. Insuring that data assets are accessible and secure is an essential initiative. In this discussion, you will hear from Michael Watson from Microsoft and Martin Boyd of Profisee for specific steps you can follow to create a solid foundation for data in place to ensure efficiency, agility and success.

Manufacturing must embrace and harness the data to become a digitally optimized and successful business. But how can this be achieved when the data that you are using is not consistent, adequate or not complete? A successful manufacturing data management plan requires a focus on strong governance to ensure that crucial information is collected and stored in a timely manner, and is accessible and utilized whenever you require it.

The top performers in the manufacturing industry are adopting a complete data management strategy that includes the implementation of an MDM hub to consolidate all important information including customer, vendor and product information, into a single repository. This allows teams to quickly access the information they require and makes it easy for them to work together.

This allows manufacturers to create a digital trace of what experience the benefits of data room usage in m&a deals happens to the parts during the production. This is crucial to troubleshooting production issues and for enhancing processes and tests. It lets you pinpoint what went wrong in an individual process and the reason. This helps you react faster in a crisis and also make you more resilient.

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