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This iconic intellectual quiz programme still remains a thrilling format today with Clive Myrie as the show’s latest presenter. From the heartbeat-thudding ‘Approaching Menace’ theme tune to the imposing black leather chair lit by spotlight, tension winds its way through each episode’s 30-minute running time. https://sscofficer.in/ Contestants take a solitary walk to the chair, isolated from the silent audience in the dark. They are alone, facing a barrage of relentless questioning from which they have no escape. With seconds ticking by, the camera traps them in a series of unflinching closeups to capture every word and gesture.

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Each team can test their ability to communicate and work seamlessly together in order to lead the group to victory. The dedicated Bomb Technician will introduce you to the rules so that you can easily rack up as many points as possible in the first two games and have enough time for the final challenge – defusing The Bomb. Whatever, the funny answers from Family Fortunes are some of the funniest things you will ever read, and strangely the amusement doesn’t seem to dim, no matter how many times you revisit them. An ambitious anthology of five films inspired by true events and anchored in the experiences of London’s West Indian community. Extraordinary times have called for extraordinary creativity on the part of TV broadcasters, who have found inventive ways of keeping us entertained and informed as we’re all stuck indoors.

Arabella is supported by her friends, among them aspiring actor Terry and aerobics instructor Kwame , who have each suffered their own forms of sexual exploitation, allowing Coel to examine issues around consent on a wider canvass. The show ran for four series and has had a number of specials, anchoring it in the nation’s hearts with its timeless comedy and on-point observations about integration and British-Asian culture. Peppered with smart one-liners, the series highlighted the moral dilemmas faced when working for a severely under-resourced institution, and the harsh realities of the life-and-death decisions doctors have to make. The series has found innovative ways to engage audiences over the years, including a celebration of two of its anniversaries through ‘live’ episodes.

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Yet the mix of pathos and simmering frustration of Hancock’s Half Hour endures and echoes in almost every British sitcom since. Series took the stories from the radio and added visual gags and expressive eyebrows. There are few recordings that survive, but those that do feature razor-sharp writing and performances, and embody the chaotic energy of live comedy with improvised lines and corpsing from the cast. Has always maintained the founding principles of the Proms (standing tickets for ‘Promenaders’ are still cheap), and their broadcasts have broadened the popularity of classical music in Britain. The first British television documentary, showing the birth of television broadcasting at Alexandra Palace. Curators and programmers, who then honed the list to the 100 programmes below. Contributors include curators, programmers, archivists, technical experts and many others – thanks to all of them for their passion and love of telly.

Meanwhile, producer Jenny Stevens, after working on the successful series Delia Smith’s Cookery Course , was looking to make a new cookery series devoted to Indian cooking, and Jaffrey was the ideal choice. Every so often a television drama comes along that captures the mood of a nation and accurately reflects it back to itself. Edward Mirzoeff picked up the editor’s mantle in 1985 and reinstated commentaries, which remain an often-divisive feature of documentaries. + representation, A Change of Sex has its critics, with some trans viewers objecting to its focus on a medicalised transition and the binaries of male and female.

Was not only revolutionary in its subject matter but also in its presentation style, which did away with artifice to feature the paraphernalia of the television studio in shot, including cameras, boom mikes, stagehands and scenery. Importantly, they enabled children across the country to come together to contribute, while raising their awareness of underprivileged lives and empowering them to see that they can make a difference. A five-hour marathon of sport, broadcast live every week for just shy of half a century. The show’s writers, Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, perfected their piercing observations of class in Steptoe and Son , but this was the pinnacle of Tony Hancock’s career. Hancock himself was ill at ease with his fame, growing depressed and antagonistic toward his co-stars .

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Drama, terrifying and inspiring a generation of viewers, writers and filmmakers. Sketch comedy show written and performed by a diverse host of British talent, which tackled issues around race and ethnicity head on. How the small screen has imagined the worst of times – from The Handmaid’s Tale to Squid Game. Did this groundbreaking programme have an influence on the likes of Skins and Sex Education? Its legacy continues, regularly referenced in popular culture, despite being cancelled over a decade ago. In the 1930s, a travelling sheet-music salesman escapes his stagnant marriage via the romantic whimsy of the songs he sells. Long-running interrogation style television quiz show where contestants answer questions on general knowledge and their chosen specialist subject.

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Revolutionised how the nation experienced music, with weekly transmissions featuring era-defining live performances and music videos from the top singles-charting artists. Is the world’s longest-running music television show, featuring iconic performances from weekly best-selling recording music artists across many genres. Has continued this visual, non-verbal approach in series such as Something Special and many others, making it inclusive not only of deaf children but of those for whom English is not their first language. Like Denis Mitchell , director Philip Donnellan had a background in radio which led him to foreground the voices of his documentary subjects in favour of any kind of authoritative voiceover.